Looking to Upskill or Reskill?

If you’re looking to increase your skills in a specific area within construction, then our courses at Construction Helpline can help you make the right choice for you and your career. There is no better time to fast track into employment with our NVQ qualifications or to reskill into a new trade with us!

What We Offer?

Whether it’s our Skills Bootcamps you’re looking for to get on-site as soon possible, wanting to upskill in your career through our range of NVQs or if you are seeking an apprenticeship in the industry of your dreams, Construction Helpline is the place for you. We have a wide range of courses with the simple aim of empowering our learners to achieve their career goals.

Our Courses
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Our Skills Bootcamps

Since 2022, we have been providing Skills Bootcamps, designed and delivered by us, for unemployed and self-employed learners across 4 trades in construction. Skills Bootcamps are free, government-funded training provided to upskill learners for in-demand skills and jobs, designed to fast track candidates for an interview with an employer. We provide Skills Bootcamps in Drylining, Carpentry, Bricklaying and Work Occupational Supervision. Working alongside DfE (Department for Education) and GLA (Greater London Authority), our learners will be able to gain a Level 2 NVQ (or Level 3 NVQ in Supervision) upon the completion of their training.

Our Skills Bootcamps

The Future

We have the eventual goal of providing training courses across multiple industries, helping upskill and reskill the UK workforce.

Our Employability Partner

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