I.T. Skills

Having I.T. skills when entering the workplace offers numerous advantages because of the increasing reliance on technology in modern businesses. I.T. is used very often and more than ever employer’s expectation is that people should have at least the basic I.T. skills. I.T. skills can be beneficial in various ways:

Time Saving

When you have I.T. skills this can sometimes allow you to complete tasks more quickly and in some cases more efficiently.


I.T. skills are commonly used for communication, email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and other digital platforms, ensuring information is communicated not just in house but externally too.

Data and CRM’s

Having I.T. skills mean you are able to manage and organise large volumes of information, which can also be important in decision-making as well as tools like spreadsheets and I.T. systems.

Being a better candidate

When looking for job opportunities, candidates with good I.T. skills are more attractive to employers.

Remote working

Having good I.T. skills may mean your employer may allow you to work remotely, which may be vital, enhancing work-life balance and providing flexibility.

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