Work Trials

Work trials and the benefits of doing a work trial are also very similar to work experience. It involves temporarily working in a company to gain practical exposure to a specific role or industry. Work trials can be arranged by anyone, it is as easy as contacting a company and asking the hiring manager or HR. There may be a role that you are interested in but may not be able to prove you have the experience needed so therefore feel you could benefit from being able to show the employer these skills. Engaging in a work trial can offer several benefit:

Hands-On Learning

A work trial provides you with real-world experience, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. This experience is invaluable for understanding how concepts are implemented.

Standing out from the rest

It helps you stand out from other applicants who may not have hands-on experience.

Receive Potential Job Offers

If you do a successful work trial, there's a possibility that they may offer you a full-time or part-time job.


You get to acquire knowledge about the industry's operations, trends, challenges, and opportunities, giving you a clearer understanding of what working in that field entails. With that knowledge, you can also use this in an interview to show how passionate you are but also that you have a wealth of knowledge.

Networking Opportunities

During work trials means you can connect with people in the industry you’re hoping to get into, building valuable contacts and in some instances mentors that can help you in your future career.

CV Enhancement

Having details of a work trial on your CV shows potential employers that you have practical skills and can make you a better candidate.

Confidence Building

Doing a work trial can really boosts your self-confidence, because having experienced a real work environment means who know exactly what to expect and how to apply yourself.


Positive interactions during your work trial can lead to being able to acquire a reference or even a recommendation which can be extremely impressive when applying for future roles.


Having work trial details on your CV especially when you have little, or no work experience is very beneficial because employers often prefer candidates who already have some exposure to the working world.

On the Job Learning

Work trials provides you with practical, hands-on learning that can't be replicated in a classroom, helping you develop a deeper understanding of the industry.

Insight into Company

Work trials give you an insight into the work environment which allows you to decide whether that environment is for you.

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