Work Experience

One of the main benefits of work experience is that it allows you to apply the theoretical knowledge you've gained from your education in a real-world setting. This helps bridge the gap between your academic and practical skills. You also get to network, see the environment for yourself that you could be one day working in as well as experience the job first hand. Work experience can be done in a variety of companies, not just for those in secondary school. Work experience can be done in a week or over the course of several weeks and can also be done in the form of an internship, which in this instance can last for a few months where an employer may pay for your lunch and travel. Here are some more benefits on what work experience can do for your professional career:

Skill Development

Work experience helps you develop even more skills than you may think you have.

Acquire Practical Knowledge

You get to acquire knowledge about the industry's operations, trends, challenges, and opportunities, giving you a clearer understanding of what working in that field entails. With that knowledge you can also use this in an interview to show how passionate you are but also that you have a wealth of knowledge.

Networking Opportunities

During work experience, you can connect with people in the industry you’re hoping to get into, building valuable contacts and in some instances mentors that can help you in your future career.

CV Enhancement

Having work experience on your CV shows to potential employers that you have practical skills and can make you a better candidate.

Confidence Building

Doing work experience can really boosts your self-confidence as having experienced a real work environment means you know exactly what to expect and how to apply yourself.


Positive interactions during your work experience can lead to being able to acquire a reference or even a recommendation which can be extremely impressive when applying for future roles.


Having work experience on your CV especially when you have little, or no work experience is very beneficial because employers often prefer candidates who already have some exposure to the working world.

On the Job Learning

Work experience provides you with practical, hands-on learning that can't be replicated in a classroom, helping you develop a deeper understanding of the industry.

Insight into Company

Work experience gives you an insight into the work environment which allows you to decide whether that environment is for you.


Work experience may also lead to a job offer within the company if you are able to prove yourself during your time there.

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