Successful Skills in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the few industries where any skill you may possess can be utilised in a specific way that will help contribute to pushing the industry forward. But there is a collection of skills that are more critical than others that, if used correctly, can help ensure a successful career in construction, regardless of the field you are interested in or currently working in. 


Communication is one of the vital skills needed for a successful career within construction. This does not necessarily mean that you must be the most articulate individual but establishing effective communication with colleagues and other workers is great for building a good team atmosphere and solving problems swiftly. Finding an appropriate method of communication on a building project, with discussions being clear and concise, can reduce the overall time spent on-site and thus reducing chances of going past a scheduled completion date. 


Every construction project never goes 100% to plan, so problem solving skills will always be necessary in the industry. Whether you are a trainee apprentice or a senior contractor in charge of an entire project, you will be faced with situations where something is not how it should be. Individuals within construction should not panic or file the issue as ‘someone else’s problem’, but instead be calm and proactive by using their critical reasoning skills to overcome the said problem. If not handled correctly, construction projects can overrun or impact the quality of the build, causing a greater cost and carbon footprint on the overall project. 


In most cases, there will not be a manager monitoring you during the entirety of a building project, which is why the skill of self-management is essential to being successful in construction. Using initiative and having organisational skills can help you work safely without the presence of someone watching over you. Having an organised workspace can help speed up the job without impacting quality, while also contributing to great time-management as a supplementary skill from good self-management. 


Any construction project is a team effort, and you will rarely, if at all, be working on your own over the course of a build. A lot of individuals in construction either work in teams or work closely with another set of individuals during a construction project, so effective teamwork is critical for having a successful career. If you can work well with others, you can further ensure the health and safety of those around you. 


If you possess any of these skills, a career in construction may be the right thing for you. And even if you do not believe you do have any of these skills, construction training schemes such as the Level 1 Health & Safety Course and NVQ courses can help acquire these skills while assisting in becoming a more overall skilled worker. By completing a Health and Safety or an NVQ course you will be eligible to gain a CSCS card – physical proof that you are a skilled worker who can perform tasks with health and safety in mind.