Skills Bootcamps – why we are committed

Being approved by the Department of Education to be able to provide Skills Bootcamps in Drylining was a huge step for us at Construction Helpline. Providing free courses in London and West Midlands gives us the opportunity to train the next generation in a sector facing a skills gap, ultimately pushing the industry forward. This blog will discuss why we are so committed to these Skills Bootcamps.

What are Skills Bootcamps?

Skills Bootcamps are flexible, free courses that help individuals learn sector-specific skills, with the end goal of being fast-tracked into employment. Skills Bootcamps have a guarantee that you will receive an interview at the end of your employment, with most only requiring a willingness to learn and a good grasp of the English language to be eligible.

Why are we committed?

Supporting the community

Through providing training products and services for individuals wishing to enter the build industry, Construction Helpline is a people-focused organisation and we believe these Skills Bootcamps further supports the community. By providing free training to unemployed / self-employed candidates, these Skills Bootcamps can give the individuals learning, and us as an organisation, to grow as people and have a positive impact on life as a whole.

Upskilling young professionals

Skills Bootcamps are a great way for organisations to upskill young people in prospering industries such as construction. Not only do they provide relevant training in the industry candidates want to enter, but it also provides real employment opportunities for career progression while gaining qualifications in the process.

Wanting to excel people

We strive in helping people reach their potential and believe that through these Skills Bootcamps, we will have a positive impact in helping people excel. Completing a Skills Bootcamp should provide every candidate a feeling of fulfilment, with the accomplishment being realised through qualifying for a Blue CSCS card upon the completion of the training.

If you are interested in our 8-week Skills Bootcamp in Drylining, you can apply now and take the next step in your career.