How To Make a Career in the Construction Industry

A career in the construction can be beneficial in many ways, regardless of the sector you want to enter. Construction is one of the few industries where you can enter at an entry-level, and through accumulating qualifications and training, establish a solid foundation to where you can work your way up your career ladder. There are services available that can help you get started in making your career or elevate it to the next level; this includes Level 1 Health & Safety Courses, CSCS cards and NVQ courses. 

Level 1 Health & Safety Courses 

With employers are constantly searching for workers who are skilled in health and safety, taking a level 1 health & safety course is the best option for you. level 1 health & safety courses are a major part of any construction training as they provide workers with the relevant information on the most common hazards within on construction sites. The ‘health and safety in a construction environment course’ outlines effective methods to reduce workplace hazards, covering sections such as risks, conditions and how to operate safely in the workplace. By passing a level 1 health & safety course, you will be able to ensure a successful career in construction. 

NVQ Courses 

An NVQ, also known as National Vocational Qualifications, is a qualification standard that describes a worker as competent in their occupation and possessing the ability to perform the tasks of their work correctly. Construction NVQs therefore proves a worker’s occupational competence to work on-site to employers and contractors. NVQ courses are a great option to fast track your career within the construction industry for already qualified workers who can become ‘skilled’ workers over the span of a 6-week NVQ course. NVQ training can provide true career progression by allowing you to gain both practical and theory knowledge of your role in the industry. 

CSCS Cards 

Acquiring CSCS cards can come as a result of successfully passing either CSCS or NVQ courses. CSCS cards were implemented as part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme to ensure that workers are proficient in health and safety protocols when working on-site. CSCS cards can range from trainee apprenticeship level all the way to senior management and should be held by all levels of authority on a building project. Ensuring the entire workforce is knowledgeable in health and safety, safety standards in UK construction sites should improve. 


Level 1 health & safety courses, CSCS cards and NVQ courses are available across the United Kingdom and can be booked here at Construction Helpline. Construction training courses are the best method in making the most out of your career in construction and will greatly contribute to working your way up the career ladder.