Equal Opportunities Statement

Construction Helpline Limited is committed to being an equal opportunities employer and training provider, promoting and developing equality and diversity for staff, customers and suppliers across all of our services.

It will seek to do this by:

• communicating our commitment to equality and diversity to all

• creating an environment where there is mutual respect and equality of opportunity providing relevant training for all staff and Subcontract Partners

• implementing mechanisms for implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and review

• treating acts of discrimination as a disciplinary offence dealing with harassment and bullying timely and effectively

• engaging staff and stakeholders in the development, implementation and execution of our policies

• ensuring our Subcontract partners promote equality and diversity in line with legal requirements

All employees, suppliers and customers will receive equal treatment regardless of sex, marital or civil partnership status, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender realignment, pregnancy, maternity, religion or belief.

The Directors and Management Team recognise that they have responsibility for ensuring that the company operates within the legal framework for equality and for implementing the policy throughout

the business. All employees and learners of Construction Helpline are responsible for trying to prevent discrimination that is within their control to prevent or challenge.