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Umer Mansoor is the entrepreneurial founder and CEO of Construction Helpline Ltd, a leading consultancy and training provider for the construction industry in the UK. Umer provides dynamic leadership and steer the innovative approach that forms the backbone of everything the group offer. Umer is passionate about the future of construction, pioneering ways to streamline processes to create a stronger training environment and maintain on-site safety for tradespersons using inventive technology-based applications.

Construction Helpline was born out of a need for a reliable resource for arranging CITB tests, construction NVQ training and CSCS card acquisition. While the construction industry had previously been slow to adopt to online platforms, Umer champions the move towards digitalisation. Umer believes by embracing digital applications can improve the construction industry for many tradespersons — including project managers, site workers and architects. He has also founded a number of property and construction-related companies, continuing to develop strong partnerships across the sector. Umer is deeply invested in accelerating digitalisation within the construction industry and aims to connect more tradespersons together through productive training and effective technology solutions — making construction sites more efficient and safer for everyone.

Adopting change — new approaches, technological advancements

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